Bourbon, The Dwarf of Import.

Bourbon is an oddity. No one is sure where he came from, but he admits to being saved by a god named “Pelor, light of the world.” He is a fervent (apparently) believer in Pelor, handing out scriptures from his Airship – the Magnificence.

He is the pioneer of the Airship as it is known in Orsind. A quick-witted, wiley thinker, Bourbon always seems to have a plan out of a bad situation. Now, sitting at the top of his own Merchant Empire, he has agents and actors all throughout Orsind guiding the continent with his subtle hand.

IF anything, Bourbon hates being seen. He intentionally, tries to bury knowledge of Pelor from any other source and actively roots out any prophecies pertaining to the god.

He is currently searching for a power known as the Solar as he believes it will eventually send him back to where he came— against his wishes.

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