Sredni Vashtar

A Demon in Weasel Form


Sredni (Aka, “Vashtar”) is a weasel with golden-orange swaths of fur, mixing and crossing into white patches across his paws, belly, and neck.

He is an adult-sized weasel- and no one is certain of his actual form.


Vashtar is a curiosity. While demons are said to exist, not many believe they have influence in the Mundane Plane. If anything its (“his”) existence proves that there are things beyond the veil, just out of our reach and comprehension.

He claims no ties to any other demons, nor any allegiance to any one layer of the Maelstrom. He barely speaks of religion and outright refuses to talk or debate about it, instead being ignorant- or feigning ignorance, one can’t be certain.

After being freed from his blessed cage in Verdant he pledged himself to the Blooded (specifically the gnome called, Niesha) until, “… the black heart of the Isle has conquered its iron will.”

Sredni Vashtar

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